The National Academy of Engineering has elected Sia Nemat-Nasser, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, as one of 74 of the nation’s top engineers in industry and academia.

Nemat-Nasser is an expert with materials, and directs UCSD’s Center for Advanced Materials. He is the 16th member of the Jacobs school to be honored with this recognition, which is based on work in theory and practice of engineering and the pioneering of new fields of technology.

Nemat-Nasser’s work deals specifically with the reaction between materials and thermo-mechanical loads that come from their environment.

In addition to this latest honor, he has also been chosen as Teacher of the Year and Outstanding Teacher at the Jacobs School and serves as editor in chief of the international journal, “”Mechanics and Materials.””

Plans Announced for UCSD’s Next Generation Network

The Office of the Vice Chancellor announced its plans for UCSD’s Next Generation Network this week. The new data and voice network will allow for increased traffic throughout the campus and will feature additional security and expanded help desk services.

The A.S. Council is currently working on securing the funding necessary for the project, minimizing the fiscal impact on students and staff, establishing a mechanism to recognize vocal commands and eliminate existing phone line charges.

Campus users will pay a $60 charge for the network, with undergraduate and graduate students exempt from the fee.

More information about the new network can be found at

Legislators Recognized at Annual UC Day in Sacramento

The Alumni Association of the University of California awarded state Sen. Joseph Dunn of Garden Grove, Calif., and Assembly Speaker Robert M. Hertzberg of Van Nuys, Calif., with “”Legislator of the Year”” awards Tuesday in Sacramento for their contributions to legislation that directly affected the university in the past year.

Dunn has been instrumental in the Senate Budget Committee. He supported the budget that gave the University of California unprecedented funding for outreach programs and teacher training. Dunn also secured funding for the California Institutes for Science and Innovation.

Hertzberg restored $180 million in university funding that was removed in the 2000-2001 state budget.

The Alumni Associations of the University of California present the “”Legislator of the Year”” awards annually to one member of the Senate and one member of the Assembly.

Enrollment Now Open for Student Wellness Program

UCSD Recreation is now enrolling students for its Student Wellness Program. The program helps students develop personal fitness goals and results through the establishment of individual fitness profiles, weekly meetings and a pre- and post- fitness evaluation.

The program is free to students and will begin April 2. Sixty applicants will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration forms are available in the spring recreation guide or at RIMAC.

52-33-28 Rally in Support of Affirmative Action Thursday

Students from a statewide coalition have been working to pressure the UC Regents to repeal SP1 and SP2, policies that have eliminated affirmative action from the admissions and hiring practices of the University of California.

A rally will be held Thursday at noon in the Price Center Plaza to promote the cause. Proponents of the repeal of the policies argue that the institution of SP1 and SP2 caused the population of blacks admitted to UCSD to drop significantly with each freshman class. Fifty-two were admitted three years ago when the policies went into effect and the number dropped to 28 with the most recent freshmen class. In addition, proponents of the repeals say that SP1 and SP2 have led to a drop in female faculty at UCSD to 32. 8 percent.