Article Against Bush is Unfair


I strongly disapprove of the Guardian’s perpetual diatribes on President Bush. The most recent assault was in a March 5 article titled “”In the Wise Words of President Bush.”” If you are going to present criticisms of the president, why not do it in a constructive manner? It seems that since you are unable to come across any imperfections in his policies and leadership, you ridicule his inability to articulate himself.

The effects that these so-called “”Bushisms”” have on our country are not as dramatic as liberals make them out to be. A man who has trouble articulating himself can still carry out his duties effectively. How nervous would you be speaking in front of the free world? Possessing flawless articulation abilities is not one of the most significant qualities for a leader.

One excellent demonstration of this fact can be seen in the governor of California. He is able to, while monotonously, articulate himself better than our president. Yet his policies reflect no real understanding of how to govern. His energy plan created an energy crisis, and the only solution he has is for government to step in and control the marketplace. Excuse me Mr. Governor, but isn’t government what got us here in the first place? Another state in our union, Texas, deregulated successfully. This was done under the governorship of George W. Bush.

On a sidenote, the writer of this article also makes reference to the supposed clause in the Constitution defining a separation of church and state. The left loves to perpetuate this lie any time a conservative proposes anything merely suggestive of a relationship between the church and the state. If you actually took the time to read the Constitution, you would realize that it is not there. (This idea of the separation of church and state actually came from an 1802 letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Association, but is NOT in the Constitution).

Do the conservatives on our campus need to write a letter to the editor every week citing Bush’s many accomplishments? Being the first President with an MBA, graduating from Harvard and Yale, and serving as Governor of Texas are all proof that he is intelligent. A more warranted assault would be on our governor and his failing power policies, but liberals have shown us in the past and continue to show us now that they stand by their “”leaders”” no matter how immoral (Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy) or incapable (Gray Davis).

— Lucas Simmons

Vice Chairman, College Republicans at UCSD