Festival Celebrates Latin Culture

UCSD’s first LatinFest commenced at 11 a.m. Friday in the Price Center Plaza.

David Pilz/

The festival was a free, all-ages event that welcomed both students and nonstudents.

The event began with a daytime festival in the Price Center Plaza, featuring cultural entertainment and information. The Latin Fest shared a time slot with the university’s 40th birthday celebration, and provided musical accompaniment for the cutting of UCSD’s giant birthday cakes.

The entertainment was comprised of Latin musicians and dance groups, including Salsa y Fuego, one of San Diego’s professional dance companies.

“”They were awesome,”” said Revelle freshman Gina Tesconi. “”I’d love to see them again.””

The festival ran until 4 p.m. The LatinFest went on hiatus before opening again in the Price Center Ballroom with a concert and dance, featuring more Latin DJs and musicians.

The festival featured musicians and performers of varying Latin backgrounds, and their performances ranged from hip-hop to harpists.

Michaela Izaguire, a Marshall junior, spoke highly of the day.

“”The idea behind today’s event, I think, was to offer aspects of Latin culture to be soaked up by the UCSD community,”” she said. “”What better way to share one’s culture than to come out and celebrate it with an audience.””

The LatinFest will be back next year with more entertainment and the same community focus. Organizers of the event and audience members alike said they recommend that anyone interested should attend.

Francesca Cabrillo, a senior who enjoyed a piece of UCSD’s birthday cake during the Latin celebration, spoke out for the event.

“”Latin culture is colorful, and it’s alive,”” Cabrillo said. “”It’s fun to learn about and this event is good proof of that fact.””