Top 1O Halloween Movies

Halloween provides not only a perfect chance to go out and party, but also the perfect opportunity to view scary films that will cause sleepless nights. Here is a look at great horror films that can be rented at a local video store for Halloween:

Halloween: An escaped insane asylum patient goes on a murderous rampage on Halloween in this scary thriller. The film provides the standard to which all other teen horror flicks are held. Music by director John Carpenter adds to the nerve-wrenching anticipation as the murderer, Michael Myers, starts killing off his victims.

Friday the 13th: When a group of teens stays at a summer camp, a killer starts to pick them off one at a time. The movie is fairly predictable, but it is one of the classic teen horror films. Many should know by now the real killer from the first film. (Hint: It was not Jason.)

The Exorcist: Considered the scariest movie of all-time by many, “”The Exorcist”” is a dark, haunting and thrilling drama packed into two hours. Linda Blair does a memorable performance as Regan MacNeil, an innocent child possessed by the devil. Trouble ensues when her mother and a priest try to understand what has happened to her. Re-released in theaters just in time for Halloween, “”The Exorcist”” can be seen once again on the big screen.

Nightmare on Elm Street: Several teen-agers are held captive in their own minds by Freddy Kreuger, a character who enters people’s dreams and goes on to kill them in their sleep. It is an ingenious way to murder that keeps one up at night.

Scream: Wes Craven’s smart parody of other teen horror flicks is full of twists and suprises that many will enjoy. The story revolves around Neve Campbell’s character, Sidney Prescott, and a killer that seems to know everything about Prescott’s life. The numerous references to other horror films make this film enjoyable for its tongue-in-cheek comedy.

The Shining: Here’s Johnny! A boy and his parents travel to an isolated hotel in order to maintain it during the winter. During their stay, the boy’s father, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), loses his mind and starts to attack his family. Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of a Stephen King novel provides a surreal look at the mind of a man gone insane.

Children of the Corn: Stephen King’s short story about a group of children that takes over a city is very scary, despite primitive special effects. The cult is frightening and builds suspense throughout the film.

Poltergeist: A family moves unknowingly into a haunted house and is tormented by spirits. Gore is not used much in this film; instead, it relies on a good story line.

Psycho: Taking a shower was never the same after Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film was released. Something strange is going on at the Bates Motel. A missing woman’s sister is searching for her whereabouts. “”Psycho”” pulls on all the emotions of the viewer with its plot twists and eerie music.

Pet Semetary: A film based on a Stephen King story that revolves around Louis Creed’s (Dale Midkiff) family and a nearby pet cemetery. There are some strange happenings at the cemetery and the Creeds make a startling discovery.