Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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The Guardian welcomes letters from its readers. All letters must be addressed, and written, to the editor of the Guardian and sent to [email protected] Letters are limited to 500 words, and all letters must include the writer’s name, college and year, department or city of residence. A maximum of three signatories per letter is permitted. The Guardian Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length, accuracy, clarity and civility and reserves the right to reject letters for publication. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we do not confirm receipt or publication of a letter.

Inconsistent D1 Drafts Must Be Addressed

Dear Editor,

On Thursday, Feb. 9, the Muir College Council failed to pass a resolution against the D-1 referendum. Alyssa Wing and Mac Zilber made an appearance to critique the text of their resolution.

Current U.S. Drone Policy Is a Recipe for Disaster

Dear Editor, The escalation of drone attacks by the United States in northwestern Pakistan is a topic of much contention between the two countries. While the policy began under the Bush administration, the Obama administration has increased the use of drone strikes in Pakistan from one drone attack per year to approximately one every four days, causing anti-American sentiment to deepen among Pakistanis. 

Letter to the Editor

Satirists’ Poor Taste Will Hurt Their Job Prospects Dear Editor, We understand that there is quite a controversy over the small satire publication, the Koala, which was recently profiled by the New York Times. We at...

UCAB Fee Increase Not Tied to Corporate Welfare

Dear Editor, Jeffrey Kwong’s Letter to the Editor on March 13 is misleading and contains false information in its analysis of the University Centers Fee Referendum. I will accurately respond to the points he raised.

Pool Tournament Rule is Unfair Against Winner

Dear Editor, I am very proud to be the winner of the pool tournament organized by University Centers this quarter. Unfortunately, after winning the tournament, I was shocked to learn that I cannot participate in the tournament next quarter merely because I won this quarter!

Letter to the Editor: UCSD Watering System

Dear Editor of Guardian, My name is Zui Chen, and I am a first-year student from Sixth College. I think that the watering system on campus needs improving. Every night the vegetation on campus gets...

Letter to the Editor: Kevin Lourens

To The Editor: Counties all across California are acting swiftly and decisively to accelerate their transition to clean energy. On Feb. 15, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors will have an opportunity to make the right choice...

Letter to Editor: Student Spaces

Why is the student community indifferent to the fate of the spaces in the Original Student Center? These spaces hold historical significance for UCSD. Groundwork Books began as a book cart in the 1970s, selling...

Further False Claims Found in Recent Letter

Professors Rosaura Sanchez, Luis Martin-Cabrera (Literature) and Charles Thorpe (Sociology) recently wrote a letter in the UCSD Guardian about Israel’s actions in Gaza that was filled with distortions and falsehoods, some of which have been addressed in recent letters published in this paper.

Corn Syrup Shouldn’t Be Considered “All Natural”

Dear Editor,

There are strict regulations on what can be considered “organic.” However, there are very few on the word “natural.”  There is high fructose corn syrup (or “corn sugar,” as the new marketing term goes) in many products that claim to be “all natural.” What’s so bad about high fructose corn syrup? There is a lot of labeling that has started to advertise that it does not contain this chemical, but why? Well, it only shuts down our body’s ability to say when we are full.