Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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UC Employee Benefits Must Be Improved

Dear Editor, As the people who cook, clean and care for the students and the campus, the work we do is essential to the University of California’s ability to provide students with a world-class education.  Our work isn’t glamorous, but the purpose of our work is to support the students — our future — and we take real pride in that.

Letter to the Editor: Concern on the Plants’ Irrigation on UCSD Campus

I found out that the grass lands on campus are mostly watered by sprinkling irrigation system. I remember that my high school teacher used to tell me that the most water-saving irrigation should be...

Current U.S. Drone Policy Is a Recipe for Disaster

Dear Editor, The escalation of drone attacks by the United States in northwestern Pakistan is a topic of much contention between the two countries. While the policy began under the Bush administration, the Obama administration has increased the use of drone strikes in Pakistan from one drone attack per year to approximately one every four days, causing anti-American sentiment to deepen among Pakistanis. 

Law Enforcement Needs to Improve Search Methods

Dear Editor, San Diego law enforcement agencies established a facial recognition system using 133 Galaxy tablets and smartphones since January 2013. The sheriff’s department and San Diego Police Department have the most devices, with 64...

A.S. Candidate Deserves Recognition

Dear Editor, 

In our three years on A.S. Council, we’ve learned three important truisms about effectiveness on A.S. One is that there is a steep learning curve — it is near impossible to be a highly effective council member without spending a year muddling around first. The second is that some degree of ego, or proclivity toward self-promotion, is generally necessary to be viewed as effective among your council peers. And the third is that successful people on A.S. don’t easily give up power — anybody who can get elected will run. 

UCSD Should Prioritize the Social Scene

Dear Editor,

I came from a pretty boring town in Northern California. My dream was to go to college in Southern California not just because of its reputation for perpetual warmth and a more attractive population, but because it’s portrayed as a party place.

San Diego Zoo’s Growth Has Made it Overpriced

Dear Editor, Founder’s Day at the San Diego Zoo is the first day of each October, with free admission for everybody on that day and for children under 12 during that one month alone. Additionally, military personnel from any country receive free admission all year long.

Letter to the Editor: A Government of Criminals

We have a government of criminals. They are the greatest threat to our freedom, our democracy, our ways of life. We must fight fire with fire. An approach of appeasement is not only ineffective,...

Education Should be Prioritized in Asia

Dear Editor,

Police in Gyeongggi Province have booked two Chinese brokers and 18 students for faking documents to enter Korean universities and are widening their investigation to find more such cases. The Chinese students, none of whom are qualified to attend university in Korea, paid 7 million won ($6,192) to 18 million won to each broker for a fake high school diploma and school reports, according to the police. The police informed the universities and local immigration offices of their violations. 

Kholsa Needs to Prove Promises Have Substance

Dear Chancellor Khosla,

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Literature as well as an affiliated faculty of Ethnic Studies and the Critical Gender Studies Program.


A.S., Students Protest at UC Regents Meeting

UC San Diego students and members of the A.S. Office of External Affairs protested outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Oakland on...