Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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The Guardian welcomes letters from its readers. All letters must be addressed, and written, to the editor of the Guardian and sent to [email protected] Letters are limited to 500 words, and all letters must include the writer’s name, college and year, department or city of residence. A maximum of three signatories per letter is permitted. The Guardian Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length, accuracy, clarity and civility and reserves the right to reject letters for publication. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we do not confirm receipt or publication of a letter.

Letter to the Editor: Social Awareness

“How are you nowadays?” “I’m not okay!” A college student’s letter about inequality in society sparked a sensation among young people in Korea. The shout-out above has become a slogan demonstrating that young people do care about...

Qualcomm Political Aid Not Disclosed by the U-T

Dear Editor, Analysis of the June 2012 primary election shows left-wing turnout was weak for then-mayoral candidate Bob Filner. 

Guardian’s Shooting Range Article Is onTarget

Dear Editor,

After throwing a bunch of dirty MQs off of a stack of Guardian newspapers, I looked on with joy at something I never imagined: an article about guns in the Guardian! Although I totally disagree with Iron Sights being a “wet dream,” I will admit that getting out to shoot some guns with friends is always fun.

Letters to the Editor: Read Two Alumni’s Perspectives on the Vote for UCSD’s Move...

Pro I would like to take a moment to address a campus issue that is extremely important to me: the upcoming vote to move our athletics program into the NCAA Division I. I write this...

UCSA Owes UC Jewish Community an Apology

Dear Editor, As a Jewish student at UCSD I feel threatened both physically and emotionally by the continuous efforts by a few organizations to single out my community. This sentiment has become so prevalent among Jewish students in California that the California State Assembly passed HR 35, which proposed to define anti-Semitism in a way in which these provocateurs would be labeled as such.

“Fighting Fire” Uses Flawed, Biased Logic

Dear Editor: My name is Niall Twohig. I was recently interviewed by Justine Liang for the Feb. 13 piece on the May 1970 Peace Memorial. I would like to submit the following letter in response to...

Letter to the Editor: Nancy Friedlander on the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

UC San Diego has had a strongly beneficial effect on La Jolla’s inclusiveness and diversity. For example, when UCSD’s location was chosen, La Jolla had realty practices banning Jews, African-Americans, foreign nationals, and other...

Revamped All-Campus Graduation Celebration Is a Must-See

We all understand the limitations of the six-college system. Many of us are discussing one of the biggest issues right now: When it comes time to graduate, you are separated from some of your closest friends. It’s not only a downer, but it can be plain frustrating.

Colombia Incident is a National Shame

Dear Editor, 

A colonel was en route to Cartagena, Colombia — to supervise the Pentagon portion of the investigation into an incident that has embarrassed the United States — when Army General Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a speedily improvised news conference said,  “I can speak for myself and my fellow chiefs: We’re embarrassed by what occurred in Colombia, though we’re not sure exactly what it is.”

Letter to the Editor: Animal Rights Activism

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in the hope to increase student awareness to animal rights activism. While many of us are aware of the inhumane treatment of animals in the entertainment and food industry, many...


A.S., Students Protest at UC Regents Meeting

UC San Diego students and members of the A.S. Office of External Affairs protested outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Oakland on...