Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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The Guardian's Editorial Board is composed of the sitting Editor in Chief, Managing Editors, News Editors and Opinion Editors. Editorials written by the Editorial Board represent only the opinion of a majority vote of the Editorial Board, and are not meant to necessarily reflect the views of the student body, the University of California, the UC Board of Regents or the Associated Students.

Making SGF’ 15 Beer-able

A.S. Concerts and Events recently announced several changes to Sun God Festival 2015, including the addition of a beer garden for students who are over 21 at this year’s festival. Students who are interested...

Science In All Its Forms

The Editorial Board weighs in on the relative lack of attention paid to social sciences and humanities majors at UCSD. UCSD is a research institution. It was built as one and will always take pride...

UC System Wisely Mandates Vaccines Prior to Enrollment

The University of California Office of the President announced on Jan. 6 that it will make vaccines mandatory for all UC students, effective in 2017. The mandate appears to have come about as a...

Wrongfully Exposed

  Perpetrators and distributors of revenge porn should be fully prosecuted, but more protective legislation needs to be created for the victims. Revenge porn is a topic that evokes strong emotions from the public at large. It’s...

Let There Be Light

Administration must prioritize improving campus safety. In light of increasingly frequent police reports about students being assaulted on or near campus, it’s obvious that UCSD has a safety problem. On such a sprawling campus littered...

UCI Must Take Firm Steps Against Racism

A fraternity at UC Irvine apologized after backlash last week, following the release of a controversial music video featuring Lambda Theta Delta member Rainier Nanquil in blackface makeup. The video included four members lip-synching to the Justin Timberlake song “Suit and Tie,” with Nanquil portraying rapper Jay-Z.

Plans for a California Bullet Train Are Derailed By Inflated Costs

The bullet train: A $98-billion project founded on the fantasy that Californians could zip through the state in no time, and for less money than a plane ticket.

The Che Cafe Wins the Battle Against Administrative Attacks

UCSD’s sudden decision to revive the CHE Cafe Collective with university-subsidized safety upgrades to the facility is a rare and refreshing example that the university is not completely deaf to student voices. After close...

Recent Incidents Call for Increasing UCSD’s Campus Security

When moving to La Jolla for college, campus and city safety don’t seem like a big concern for students. Our calm, coastal town is home to two types of people: those who are affiliated with UCSD, and affluent retirees.

Proposition 47 Frees Up Much-Needed Funding

With California citizens voting to pass Proposition 47 in the recent midterm election, our governor, legislature and the University of California Board of Regents have some important decisions to make. Prop. 47, in essence,...


A.S., Students Protest at UC Regents Meeting

UC San Diego students and members of the A.S. Office of External Affairs protested outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Oakland on...