Thursday, June 22, 2017
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The Guardian's Editorial Board is composed of the sitting Editor in Chief, Managing Editors, News Editors and Opinion Editors. Editorials written by the Editorial Board represent only the opinion of a majority vote of the Editorial Board, and are not meant to necessarily reflect the views of the student body, the University of California, the UC Board of Regents or the Associated Students.

Future Replacement of Porter’s Pub Should Prioritize Students

At the end of this school year, Porter’s Pub’s lease is up, and the University Centers Advisory Board will start looking for a new tenant to take that space for next year. Porter’s Pub...

Davis Pepper Spray Crisis Consultant Will Only Raise More Outrage

It’s been three months since the pepper spray incident seen around the world. Since the now-iconic example of police brutality — when Lt. John Pike pepper sprayed a group of seated student protesters — UC Davis has found itself at the center of worldwide press scrutiny. Over 100,000 people have petitioned for the resignation of Chancellor Linda Katehi, the woman who ordered the police involvement. Pike is now instantly recognizable as the dubious star of the “pepper-spraying cop” meme. Davis itself is a symbol of the worst opposition to the Occupy movement. And in dealing with this public relations nightmare, the university committed another public relations faux pas — shelling out $100,000 for a crisis consultant to help itself deal with the fallout. Worse, the crisis consultant is from a company that had ties to the same organization that’s supposed to independently investigate the Nov. 18 incident.

The Long Line to Get Help

High expectations, financial pressures and an overload of work give college students record-high amounts of stress. However, colleges can’t — or won’t — fund resources to handle the influx of suffering students. UCSD was...

The D-1 Sports Debate

The argument for Division I sports is difficult territory to traverse. With much potential for greatness comes the prospect of little to no change for UCSD. With risk, though, comes potential for great reward....

Napolitano Should Heed UCSA Petition and Increase Transparency

The UC Student Association recently created a petition demanding transparency from California Gov. Brown and UC President Janet Napolitano through publicizing their monetary negotiations for the University of California. Since forming the exclusive “committee...

A Different Course

While cutting communications major requirements is a step in the right direction in helping students graduate on time, the changes should have focused on adding more practical coursework.

Leaders: Promote Involvement

Ask a majority of students at UCSD, and they would be hard-pressed to tell you why Porter’s Pub is closing or what people are talking about when they use acronyms like GSA or UCAB...

Converted Mini-Doubles and Averted Housing Troubles: UCSD in Need of Solutions Quickly

Ever since UC President Janet Napolitano announced that the eight undergraduate campuses would enroll an additional 5,000 California residents this academic year — 750 at UCSD alone — students have prophesied the severe consequences...

California’s Drought Is a Horrible Nightmare

Anyone who lives in California needs to know that the ongoing drought isn’t just bad. It’s literally one of the worst water shortages in recorded history. In fact, climatologists have found evidence suggesting that...

Council Needs Better Training for Newcomers

After roughly 30 hours of interviewing A.S. Council candidates (we did the math), and several more writing our endorsement issue, we, at The Guardian, were impressed with the many newcomers running for council positions. And yet, because those elected will receive minimal training in council protocol, it seems that they are being thrown into turbulent waters without so much as a paddle. 


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