Monday, June 26, 2017

30-Year-Old Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Coffee Cart Arsons

Thirty-year-old Kay Lyn Williamson has been charged with multiple counts of arson for allegedly setting fire to four of UCSD’s Fairbanks Coffee carts late Sunday night. Williamson pleaded not guilty in court today, according...


▶ Arrests Made in San Diego Sex Trafficking Scandal: Two North Park gangs were charged with sex trafficking, among other crimes, on Jan. 8. The gangs have also been indicted with murder, attempted murder,...

Scripps Researchers Find Missing WWII Aircraft

This past week, researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean and Environment recovered a missing U.S. Navy aircraft dating back to World War II that...

Bomb Threats Hit Two CSU Campuses

Police investigate at San Diego State and Fresno State after receiving bomb threats last week.

UCSA Launches Calif. Prop 13 Reform Campaign

The new initiative, Fund the UC, aims to close tax loopholes and direct more money toward education Almost 50 organizations from around the state have formed a coalition to actively campaign for reforming California’s Proposition...

Council Talks Sustainability in Final Meeting Before Elections

After something like three weeks off of A.S. Council meetings, it was pretty surreal to walk into the Forum. But the booming voice of Richard Thompson ’83 soon brought back memories of anxiety and Chinese food, and I felt at home, kind of.

UCSA Petitions for Open Forum About Tuition Hike

The UC Student Association initiated a petition demanding that UC President Napolitano and Gov. Jerry Brown publicize their private meetings regarding the university and its budget. “We call on you to come out of the...

The M Machine to Headline Second Annual Hullabaloo Festival

Artists DJ Chris Cutz, XV, and The M Machine will be performing at the second annual Hullabaloo Fall Festival, hosted by A.S. Concerts & Events. 

Surgeons Perform First Robotic Procedure in San Diego

UCSD Health System surgeons performed the first robotic gastrectomy in the San Diego area on Sept. 17. Gastrectomies are a procedure that removes part or all of the stomach of patients diagnosed with gastric...

UCSD Economist Halbert L. White Dies

Renowned professor Halbert L. White, who was shortlisted for the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics, passed away March 31 after a four-year battle against cancer.


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