Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Letters to the Editor

The Guardian welcomes letters from its readers. All letters must be addressed, and written, to the editor of the Guardian and sent to [email protected] Letters are limited to 500 words, and all letters must include the writer’s name, college and year, department or city of residence. A maximum of three signatories per letter is permitted. The Guardian Editorial Board reserves the right to edit for length, accuracy, clarity and civility and reserves the right to reject letters for publication. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we do not confirm receipt or publication of a letter.

Magazine Insert Signals Selling Out

Dear Editor,

It is with great regret that I pen this letter to mark the recent passing of the Guardian’s Dignity. It was only after a particularly arduous and protracted suffering that it finally made the dark passage from this world to the next, having been ill for some time from a perilous mixture of media funding deficiencies and student apathy.

CLICS is for the Students — Not A.S.

Dear Editor,

I really like how the students were able to take back CLICS last quarter. CLICS has now been opened, with mainly volunteers putting forth their time and effort to keep the place running. CLICS had always been a convenient place to study, and now with no computers, it brings total silence in the area. It’s insanely quiet in there and I can actually study without being distracted, unlike Geisel.

Make the Most Out of Your College Experience

Dear Editor,

I want to tell you why I love college. College is experiencing absolute wind-in-your-face freedom for the first time. College is befriending the most diverse array of interesting people you will ever meet on a daily basis. College is slowly walking away in profound awe from conversations that will fundamentally change who you are. And I’m not going to lie to you, college is unleashing your inner party animal on Friday nights and engaging in such ridiculous shenanigans that it puts the Hangover to shame.

Finding a Balance Across the Pond

Dear Editor,

I’m British — the land of the Queen and of the hit TV sitcom, “Skins.” I’d like to tell you my brief history. At 13 I lost my virginity. The next four years I partied, drunk copious amounts of alcohol and pursued promiscuous fun very successfully (the land of the Queen remember). In short, I avoided homework and instead caught chlamydia — or nearly.

Lights Out

We’ve protested. We’ve hosted days of action. We’ve attended teach-ins. But when all is said and done, none of them have stopped ever-increasing budget cuts, which could hit UCSD in a big way next year, with the closure of CLICS. That’s right — we have sunk to such financial depths that UCSD, one of the country’s top research facilities, is closing a library.

Campus Should Explore Conservative Viewpoints

Dear Editor,

This past Tuesday, my organization Young Americans for Freedom had the pleasure of hosting conservative activist and film maker, Christian Hartsock.

Students Should Attend Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonial

Dear Editor,

This coming Wednesday at UCSD, two soldiers will recount their personal experiences of serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including checkpoints, its 2009 attacks against Hamas in Gaza and 2006 attacks against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Letter Shows Radically Misplaced Expectations

Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to a letter to the editor in the most recent issue of the Guardian entitled “UCSD Should Prioritize the Social Scene.” To the freshman at Marshall College, whose name it is not necessary to repeat in this letter (check the last issue), I have a couple of things to enlighten you about.

UCSD Should Prioritize the Social Scene

Dear Editor,

I came from a pretty boring town in Northern California. My dream was to go to college in Southern California not just because of its reputation for perpetual warmth and a more attractive population, but because it’s portrayed as a party place.

Guardian’s Shooting Range Article Is onTarget

Dear Editor,

After throwing a bunch of dirty MQs off of a stack of Guardian newspapers, I looked on with joy at something I never imagined: an article about guns in the Guardian! Although I totally disagree with Iron Sights being a “wet dream,” I will admit that getting out to shoot some guns with friends is always fun.