Tuesday, March 28, 2017

UCSD Confessions: A Bunch of Baloney

Either I’ve been thoroughly missing out over the past two years, or UCSD students just excel remarkably in creativity. “UCSD Confessions,” created last week, is a Facebook page that posts students’ anonymous confessions, which are submitted either through SurveyMonkey or email. But, I am finding it hard to believe many are entirely true.

Plush Seats Are Comfy, But They Aren’t Clean

If there’s one place on campus I hate, it’s Solis 107. No, it’s not because of some past dispute with a professor over getting a B+ instead of an A-, or because the clock there sometimes lies that class is over when there are still 10 minutes left — it’s because of the chairs. I cannot bring myself to sit on them.

Everything Causes Cancer, But I Couldn’t Care Less

In elementary school,  someone told me that if my hand was bigger than my face, I had cancer. Falling prey to this line is akin to excessively heeding the “experts” who report that all things good and normal in this world are potential cancer hazards. You’re just setting yourself up for lavish panic attacks.


Students Protest Updated Muslim Ban

Students and faculty collected outside Geisel Library to demonstrate against the executive order President Trump issued on March 6 revising restrictions that he placed...

Students Determined Addresses Candidate Filing Inconsistencies

The Students Determined slate released a statement this afternoon explaining two inconsistencies between the filing of their candidates on the official A.S. elections page...

The Professor Who Fought Border Patrol with Poetry

As a professor his passion for art is evident through his lectures, delivered with a loud booming voice which resonates throughout the lecture hall....