Friday, June 23, 2017

Sorority Rush, First Burritos and SoCal

Bronzed body beautiful blonds, long-haired surfer dudes, Cal frat boys or hippy pot-heads? We’ve heard a lot about Californians and seen a few who meet these stereotypes. Being two British girls, we can’t help but wonder what they think about us, and whether we too will undergo ‘Californication.’

How-To Guru: Prep for the Undie Run

With classes now in full swing, it’s very easy to put our weight on the backburner — quite literally. Studying, partying and eating late into the night are necessary and significant parts of the...

Our D-II Limbo: Time for UCSD to Decide

UCSD began competition in collegiate athletics as a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics — NCAA’s envious younger brother or inadequate cousin.

Students: Be Aware of Campus Politics

Before I say anything, know that I have my biases. I am running with Tritons United. Having said that, I am in the precarious position of having to cover the news while being part...

Earmarking Tuition for Sun God and Beer

Every quarter $49.89 of your tuition is technically a compulsory campus-based student fee — there, I said it. This bureaucratically-named quarterly fee is completely the result of students voting to hike up their own tuition so that A.S. Council has a pool of money to pay for things like beer and Sun God.

Nostalgia Trips Aren’t All Happy-Go-Lucky

Last weekend, I trekked over to Balboa Park with a few old friends to recreate pictures and memories of a day trip we had taken together freshman year. We had lost touch numerous quarters...

San Diego Roads Paved with Problems and Dejection

I hate San Diego roads — I really do. I can hardly read a book on the bus or keep a cup of coffee from spilling while traveling over the endless potholes lining the city.

The Fight For LGBT Rights Has Only Begun

If Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act are struck down by the Supreme Court later this year, LGBT activists and their allies will celebrate a victory, but the fight will be far from over. Although marriage equality has consumed our headlines and even our Facebook profile pictures, rising hate crimes, homelessness and discrimination are less reported problems that will continue to plague the LGBT community.

How-To Guru: Helicopter Parents

Well, it looks like family weekend came and passed without any major disasters striking the university. Sure, you’ve been humiliated by your mother’s attempt to re-decorate your apartment with strings of butterfly lights to...

You Will Never Fear Being Alone Again

Sad and alone on a Friday night? Don’t worry, Omegle’s gotcha back.  How-to Guru is here to teach you how to chat up the Internet-bound ladies and gents in style. 


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