Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why I’m Choosing to Be a Feminist

I set out writing this column after some banter in the UCSD Guardian’s office. I was talking about how I do these traditionally feminine activities, like cooking and cleaning, and genuinely like it. I...

Sixty Years Later, and Segregation Still Exists

The landmark case Brown v. Board of Education turned 60 last weekend, but a new study published at UCLA shows that there’s no reason to celebrate, as de facto segregation in education is growing...

How-to Guru: Liberate Yourself, Go Braless

What better way is there to make a difference in the world than to go braless? It’s as easy as taking off a bra. Of course, there are other concerns distracting us from these...

Stay Classy San Diego, and Have a Dinner Party

If you are sick of sloppy keggers and unsanitary beer pong tournaments, it’s time to class up your act and throw a party that won’t end with some girl puking on the door of your bathroom. You need to throw a dinner party.

The View From Up Here: A Trip North

The Home of the Beat Generation, the gay capital of America and the heart of the “Summer of Love.” It’s no wonder that from our first visit, we fell in love with San Francisco.

Your TV Heroes Are Watching TV Too

Somewhere in America there are two rooms occupied by social outcasts sitting around a table and talking about what they’ve watched on television. In one room, they discuss sitcoms and Bill Murray movies. The occupants come from different walks of life, but they are united by their desire for self-actualization. In the other, the conversation is about the activities of terrorists the occupants are monitoring. This table is darkly lit and everyone sitting around it shares a single-minded pursuit of the “bad guys” and all the physical and emotional complications that come with it. The other thing both rooms share is that they are the settings of two of the best television shows to air in decades.

How-To Guru: Navigate Campus

Library Walk can be a dangerous place. From the never-ending tornado of individual quarter-page sized flyers pummeling students to last week’s evident demonstration on the extent of free speech, braving the campus’ main path...

Don’t Fall off the Playoffs Bandwagon

  It’s currently playoffs time in ice hockey’s National Hockey League, the game that no one follows, and I’ve come up with a brilliant strategy to ensure that I’m in good spirits at the season’s...

Freedom of Religion, and Lack Thereof

The First Amendment concerns free establishment of religion and free exercise thereof; freedom of speech and of the press. There’s been many debates about the true meaning of all these freedoms, but the one...

The Trouble With Irony and Taylor Swift Fans

They say our generation is a fickle one, committed to the use of irony as a defense mechanism above all else. The hipster archetype haunts us like grunge haunted the ’90s or punk haunted the ’80s, only the youth of those decades grew into the crusty elder statesmen of the new millennium, deeming our mustaches and sarcasm and fixed-gear bicycles as chronically indifferent by comparison.


A.S., Students Protest at UC Regents Meeting

UC San Diego students and members of the A.S. Office of External Affairs protested outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Oakland on...