Friday, July 21, 2017

Effort Does Not Always Have to Be a Burden

Trips to RIMAC never fail to be brutal. Due to my butterfly-like upper body strength and feeble motivation, I end up halfheartedly wheezing through routines. I swear to myself that I will not be...

Forget Palm Reading: Look at Your Index Finger

Digit for digit, I have my father’s stubby-fingered, large-palmed hands. Until last week, this was nothing more than an aesthetic annoyance. Then I stumbled upon research suggesting that “man hands” don’t just make playing the piano look less graceful — they also suggest that I’m more likely than my dainty-fingered comrades to be murdered. 

Why God is Kanye: A Rapper’s Deification

There are two propositions that this piece will not even consider, much less accept. The first is that Kanye West is not a genius; any arguments to this effect were irrevocably shattered by his most recent album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

How to: Keep the Environment Healthy While You Are Sick

Many folks dread flu season — and why not? Being sick is not the most fun you can have during midterms and can be harmful for your body, your immune system and those around...

In Case of Emergency, Jump Start Your Weekend

Let’s say that it’s Friday night, and you’re about to go out with your friends. Everyone is dressed to the nines and you’re psyched to feed your budding alcoholism. But when you all go out to the car, it’s click-click-click-click dead. Shit. You know you need to jump start your car, but you don’t really remember how. Don’t stress: How-to Guru is here to save your weekend.

Spelman: Why Drop NCAA Athletics?

Last year, Spelman College, a historically black university in Atlanta, decided to drop its NCAA Division-III athletics program in favor of a campuswide health and fitness program geared toward all students. Money previously used for the college’s sports teams (about $1 million per year) will instead be used to renovate the campus gymnasium, set up health and fitness programs and counseling for students, and add more fitness-oriented classes to the curriculum. Since the news broke, there has been speculation about applying this same strategy to other schools — including UCSD.

Sorority Rush, First Burritos and SoCal

Bronzed body beautiful blonds, long-haired surfer dudes, Cal frat boys or hippy pot-heads? We’ve heard a lot about Californians and seen a few who meet these stereotypes. Being two British girls, we can’t help but wonder what they think about us, and whether we too will undergo ‘Californication.’

Cartoons: Brought to You by Netflix

There’s no better way to ring in the new quarter than wasting away on your laptop watching cartoons on Netflix.

Mobilize Medical Students in Free Clinics

As a research university committed to community engagement and public service, UCSD has a mission to help the underserved. There is a well-documented body of research showing that there are social factors like education,...

Ladies, Keep Your PU$$Y P0PPIN

At the risk of sounding like a caricature of myself, I was wary of writing this column. Somehow, “Dodging the Horizon” has turned into “Arielle Rambles About Feminism and Music” and seeing another 600 or so words telling people how awesome and underrepresented female artists are might scream “Groundhog Day” to some readers.