Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Guilt By Association Gets You Out of Bed

When the young and naive me first learned how to use my phone’s alarm clock, I was overjoyed. Instead of beeping obnoxiously, the system would serenade me with my favorite jams. It only took...

Nostalgia Trips Aren’t All Happy-Go-Lucky

Last weekend, I trekked over to Balboa Park with a few old friends to recreate pictures and memories of a day trip we had taken together freshman year. We had lost touch numerous quarters...

Prioritize Education, No Women Left Behind

Let’s start this week’s column with a quiz. How many years of schooling, on a global average, have women who are 25 years old had? Hint: When the Sweden-based Gapminder Foundation asked Americans, 24...

Who Drives Your Car?

With all the hype of self-driving cars, from Google’s cars to Tesla’s new autopilot feature, the journey of self-driving cars becoming accessible to the public is going to be a bumpy ride. Elon Musk,...

How-To Guru: Win the Powerball

Now that the rain has dried up and the sun has come back out from under its blanket of clouds, it’s time to emerge and refresh our brains with rational, intelligent thinking. Therefore, this...

Illegal U.S. Immigrants Need a Path to Citizenship

It’s a critical time for immigration reform in America. A group of U.S. senators who refer to themselves as the “Gang of Eight” are currently working toward a bipartisan overhaul of immigration policy, hoping to fix our dysfunctional system with new legislation.

Your Instagram Pisses Us All Off

You need to learn how to use Instagram properly, or else people will hate you. We are here to tell you straight up what your followers are too polite to say.

Bars and Boys: Is 21 Really That Different?

After a long overdue winter break in my hometown of Hollywood, I returned to San Diego with a few thoughts on dating as an undergrad.

Whitney’s Gone, But the ’90s Are Still Alive

The ‘90s were a good time for the music industry — a time of excess and record-breaking releases, when artists could sell millions of records the week they were released, when Tower Records still existed and CDs didn’t just collect dust. The best selling album of the decade — the soundtrack to “The Bodyguard” — sold 11 million copies the year it was released (a number unheard of these days), largely attributed to the inclusion of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” among other tracks by the singer. 

In essence, it was Whitney’s time.

Change That I Can’t Really Believe In

As expected, New Year’s Day was heralded by brightly optimistic pledges and resolutions with a flurry of skepticism in return. In spite of all the holiday spirit, though, I stray away from the idea...