Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Don’t Let Algorithms Make You A Shopaholic

I’ve come to realize that online shopping isn’t as great as we all originally thought it would be. Shopping online is usually convenient and lets you avoid the lazy sales associate who promises to...

Students: Be Aware of Campus Politics

Before I say anything, know that I have my biases. I am running with Tritons United. Having said that, I am in the precarious position of having to cover the news while being part...

Disinvesting from Injustice

On Dec. 1, the University of California Regents decided to divest $25 million previously held in private, for-profit prisons after meeting with the Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC), a group of UC Black student organizations....

Freedom of Religion, and Lack Thereof

The First Amendment concerns free establishment of religion and free exercise thereof; freedom of speech and of the press. There’s been many debates about the true meaning of all these freedoms, but the one...

Stop Trying to Play (Sun) God; UCSD’s King Triton is Here to Stay

Sun God fever hit campus this month, affecting seemingly everything from students’ ability to drive or operate machinery to, apparently, a social campaign that called on the university to rethink the Triton as our mascot.

Love of Pillow Forts, Love of a Cozy Home

I spent my spring break like many of us would have, burrowing into the cosseting embrace of my bed, reveling in the absence of dining hall food and loving every lazy minute of it. But there was something more driving my emotion than just my return to a comfortable life: A strange force of wistful longing and contentment. This was my sense of home imploring me to stay.

UCSD Softball: With or Without Her

It’s a bad breakup. One of a class that sinks its depressors into a gloom — a realm where they are kept company by a relentless regret, haunted by constant reminders that rub salt into the wound.

Forget Palm Reading: Look at Your Index Finger

Digit for digit, I have my father’s stubby-fingered, large-palmed hands. Until last week, this was nothing more than an aesthetic annoyance. Then I stumbled upon research suggesting that “man hands” don’t just make playing the piano look less graceful — they also suggest that I’m more likely than my dainty-fingered comrades to be murdered. 

[Retraction] Error in Programming

The editorial board of The Guardian has decided to formally retract the article "Error in Programming." We have been in several long discussions to decide how to handle this situation. We thank those for...

The State of Veteran Care Is a Disgrace

  Veterans Affairs Deputy Inspector General Richard Griffin released a preliminary report in the wake of Memorial Day that confirmed allegations of misconduct at VA hospitals. According to the report, hospital staff covered up long...


A.S., Students Protest at UC Regents Meeting

UC San Diego students and members of the A.S. Office of External Affairs protested outside the UC Board of Regents meeting in Oakland on...