Friday, July 21, 2017

BuzzFeed Killed My Corgi Dreams

Last week, when a Facebook friend of mine shared her results for the “What’s Your Inner Potato?” BuzzFeed quiz, she unleashed a monster. Initially, this had me wondering why people actually enjoy taking these...

Have The Best Girl’s Night Out Ever

So you and your girls have decided to go out and party like you’re on an episode of “The Hills.” Where should you go? How much money should you throw away? Our handy-dandy guide...

Girl, Interrupted: Are Gamer Girls Real Or Just a Fantasy?

“You play like a dude!” That’s not exactly a commonly heard insult in the video game industry. Buzzfeed’s satirical video, “If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys,” parodies the stark contrast in attitudes between...

The Muslim Ban: Un-American and Unproductive

I have been an immigrant almost all my life. I was born in France and moved around quite a bit. I lived for a year in Hong Kong, then eight in Munich, Germany and...

Can We Please Restart the Division I Conversation?

So ends another year of UCSD sports, with another two national champions (in individual swimming events) to note in the record book. An All-American here, a conference championship there and a host of individual achievements, but the 2012–2013 season was certainly not a standout year for the program.

The Road Ahead for a Bike-Friendly Campus

A.S. President-elect Andy Buselt campaigned on the promise of transforming UCSD into a bike-friendly campus, but dwindling bicycle usage and our bumpy campus topography pose significant hurdles to this dream.

Taking Away the Taboo of Period Sex

I spent my winter break pondering what I could bring to the table for the inaugural edition of “That’s What She Said” — I knew it had to be more than just some standard IKEA manual of Tab A and Slot B business, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. It had to be something people should know about, that might open a door for somebody, somewhere.

Have You Thanked a UCSD Softball Player Today?

OK, It’s probably not fair to equate a UCSD softball player with a veteran, but for the Tritons’ performance at last weekend’s Division II College World Series, the squad has received a not-so surprising lack of recognition.

Stress is Not Always Solved by Snacking

Exam season is always a trying time, and it’s made worse by balancing pointless history essays with studying for chemistry. Lunch is skipped, sleep is short, and eyes are red. In my case, I...

CodeBabes Won’t Teach You How to Program

Since people are generally excited about “teach people to code” campaigns, it’s pretty funny to see people riled up about CodeBabes, the website that uses busty women wearing cat T-shirts to lure newbie programmers...