Thursday, June 22, 2017

Presenting Your T.V. Course Schedule

This past Thursday, Josh Schwartz posted to Twitter a syllabus for a class taught at Duke University called “’California Here We Come’ The O.C. & Self-Aware Culture of 21st Century America”. No disrespect to any Adrien Brody fans reading this, but “The OC” was never my thing (and neither where “Laguna Beach,” “The Hills” or “Real Housewives,” which are also included as part of the curriculum).

Alcohol Is No Reason to be MADD

As a result of Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s (MADD) unrelenting crusade against alcohol, a bill (Assembly Bill 183) that would ban the sale of alcohol at self-checkout lanes is now on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. Despite MADD’s noble intentions, there is scant evidence to support their cause.

BuzzFeed Killed My Corgi Dreams

Last week, when a Facebook friend of mine shared her results for the “What’s Your Inner Potato?” BuzzFeed quiz, she unleashed a monster. Initially, this had me wondering why people actually enjoy taking these...

Have The Best Girl’s Night Out Ever

So you and your girls have decided to go out and party like you’re on an episode of “The Hills.” Where should you go? How much money should you throw away? Our handy-dandy guide...

Obamacare Makes Us So Proud

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act recently celebrated its year and a half of existence. If you haven’t heard about it in recent news, that’s because “Obamacare” actually works. Take that, Republicans! Despite...

How-To Guru: Hold Your Lady Liquor

After the Center for Disease Control recently released a new infographic saying that pregnant women shouldn’t drink, it added a bonus section for non-pregnant women. The infographic has been kind enough to inform women...

How-To Guru: Achieving Gluttony

It’s time to discuss more important matters relating to our campus well-being. Specifically, lunch. I’m a big proponent of lunch, dinner, breakfast, second breakfast, afternoon tea and supper — not to mention the occasional...

Can We Please Restart the Division I Conversation?

So ends another year of UCSD sports, with another two national champions (in individual swimming events) to note in the record book. An All-American here, a conference championship there and a host of individual achievements, but the 2012–2013 season was certainly not a standout year for the program.

The Road Ahead for a Bike-Friendly Campus

A.S. President-elect Andy Buselt campaigned on the promise of transforming UCSD into a bike-friendly campus, but dwindling bicycle usage and our bumpy campus topography pose significant hurdles to this dream.

Taking Away the Taboo of Period Sex

I spent my winter break pondering what I could bring to the table for the inaugural edition of “That’s What She Said” — I knew it had to be more than just some standard IKEA manual of Tab A and Slot B business, but I wasn’t sure where to begin. It had to be something people should know about, that might open a door for somebody, somewhere.


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