Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Liberty Public Market

Location: 2820 Historic Decatur Road Hours: Sunday to Saturday: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. A unique and growing form of urban investment for many major cities like Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco, public markets...

Sensing Finals

written by: Brittney Lu, Lifestyle Co-Editor Three times a year — four, when including the masochistic need to take summer session to graduate on time — we undergo the horror that is finals week. This...

Restaurant Review: Sushi Mura

The dark wooden furnishing of Sushi Mura is fitting of the cozy feel of Liberty Station. The restaurant is not cluttered with traditional Japanese artwork or cheesy, framed photos of sushi rolls — which isn’t as uncommon as one might think.

This Ain’t Your Mama’s Burger

Paul Motenko, co-founder of the BJ’s chain and, more recently, co-CEO of Stacked Restaurants, clearly loves college students. Look at the BJ’s next to campus in La Jolla Village Square. The eatery is always buzzing with UCSD students — thanks, no doubt, to a menu that satisfies the...

Site Seen: Revellution

There seems to be quite a theme with this year’s music concerts: Acoustic. From students swaying to Rockin Roosevelt’s artist Augustana to girls gushing over Justin Nozuka at Muirstock, it’s only natural that Revelle College’s concert Revellution would follow suit.


It’s the oldest story in the book: You’re a travel-buggin’ college student, with big dreams and an empty wallet. When it comes to convincing your parents that a three-month trip to Europe could double as a fiscally responsible choice, however, it helps if you can spin it as a summer job — which is where the term “au pair” comes into play.

[Retraction] Error in Programming

The editorial board of The Guardian has decided to formally retract the article "Error in Programming." We have been in several long discussions to decide how to handle this situation. We thank those for...

I’d Rather Be Thrifting

When you’re in the mood to shop, but your bank account says otherwise, the best alternative is a trip to chic second-hand clothing and accessory boutiques. Join the Guardian on a journey to some...

Vino & Visas: Flirting with Foreign Boys

Since practically the moment I arrived in Italy, my friends and family have been asking me, "So have you met any cute Italian boys yet?” I guess it's a natural and fully-warranted inquiry, given...

Raves 101

We all probably know at least one person who has come back from a rave, gushing about how nice the people were and the way the lights and music “took them to a higher...


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