Student Arrested for Vandalizing CSE Lab

UCSD graduate student Jedd Penaflor was arrested this evening by the UC San Diego Police Department after he was seen vandalizing room B260 of the CSE labs. According to eyewitness accounts and footage of the incident, there were students working on their assignments in the room at the time, but no one appears to have been harmed. Pictures and videos of the incident depict chairs and computers strewn around the room and knocked over on the desks.

Police records indicate that the damage cost upwards of $400.

Warren transfer student Varunjit Singh, who provided an eyewitness account to the UCSD Guardian, explained that Penaflor  “threw computers off the desks and tossed computers around.” Other reports note that he also used a skateboard to hit the monitors.

In a video recording sent to the Guardian, loud crashes and thuds can be heard from the hallway outside the room, behind a closed door.

Campus police arrived on the scene and handcuffed the student. After the Penaflor was escorted from the area, campus police were heard telling the students who were working in the lab that the officers would retrieve their property so they could “get on their way.”

The UCSD Guardian reached out to the campus police regarding the matter. However, the officer reached declined to provide any specific information and referred the Guardian to Facebook.

The student’s motivations are still unclear.

This article will be updated as the Guardian learns more information.

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