Alumni Will Receive Free Career Guidance

The Career Services Center will provide access to job postings and resources to alumni through their partnership with the Alumni & Community Engagement.


Through its partnership with Alumni and Community Engagement, the Career Services Center is now able to offer UCSD alumni free lifetime access to a variety of resources including job postings, recruitment workshops and additional online tools.

In the past, alumni were required to pay a subscription fee for six months of access to these services. However, in accordance with UCSD Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla’s strategic plan, the Career Services Center integrated with Alumni and Community Engagement to remove that fee completely, starting Spring Quarter 2014.

UCSD is the first UC campus in the system to remove its alumni fee requirement.

“It is an exciting expansion of service to alumni that demonstrates our commitment to the lifelong success and mobility of UCSD students and alumni,” Senior Director of Career and Professional Development Craig Schmidt said. “Our commitment over the next three years is to transform this university to a place where at least 90 percent of our students have secured employment or admission to a graduate or professional school within their first year after graduation.”

Aside from offering these features free of charge, the Career Services Center is also implementing several other initiatives as a part of its link with Alumni and Community Engagement. This includes the online “Alumni Advisor Network,” which was launched to connect students with successful professionals in their field of interest, with 2,000 alumni expected to participate by the end of this quarter.

“This is an outstanding resource for our students to develop mentoring relationships with alumni who understand what it’s like to be a UCSD student and who can help advance their career plans,” Schmidt said.

He also said that the Center planned to make internships more readily available for the student body, as well as to establish career-focused programs to prepare students for those internships.

All of these changes coincided with the UCSD Job Fair on April 9, 2014, which also was physically redesigned in order to help students navigate the fair and find the best-fit opportunities.